Take part in Protech

March 18, 2024

Would you like to take part in a pilot study to help people stop viewing child sexual abuse images?

We are looking for individuals aged 18 years and older who are concerned about their own thoughts and behaviour towards children and believe they are at risk of looking at sexual images and videos of children online.

Suitable candidates will take part in a pilot of Salus, an on-device app developed to prevent the viewing of sexual images of children, including AI-generated images. Salus will work on your device/s by preventing the display of this material on screen and by sending a blocking alert to you should you attempt to access such imagery. Only you will be able to see these alerts.

Participants in the study will be assigned to one of two groups – a treatment group or a control group.  

For treatment group participants, involvement in the pilot will mean using the Salus app for six months, participating in surveys and participating in an exit interview.  

Participation in the control group will mean participating in surveys but not having access to the Salus app until the study is completed and Salus is evaluated as successful.  

Participants will remain anonymous throughout the study and your responses will not be traced back to you.  

Our Protech project teams will use the information gained from survey responses to evaluate the effectiveness of Salus. Your views and opinions will help us to understand whether the app is effective.

Please select your country of residence below to take part in the study and find out more. Participation in Germany is limited to patients of Kein Täter Werden Berlin.