Online CSAM Prevention

The Salus App

Paving the way for sustainable prevention of child sexual abuse imagery on internet connected devices for individuals at risk of viewing child sexual abuse imagery online.
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The Salus App is a revolutionary preventative software solution designed to reduce the consumption of online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) by individuals at risk of, or concerned about, viewing child sexual abuse imagery online.
Monitoring and Intervention

Real-time Protection Against Online Child Sexual Abuse

Salus leverages a unique combination of innovative machine learning and conventional techniques (keyword/URL matching etc.).
Monitoring internet-based content in real-time, assessing it for the presence of images and videos showing the sexual abuse of children. 
If detected, the app immediately blocks the content, creating a safer digital environment and preventing the repeated victimisation of those shown in the criminal material. 
The app will be deployed voluntarily, and users will have full knowledge of its purpose and its effect on their devices.
Monitoring and Intervention

Key features and benefits for optimal online safety

Privacy by Design

The Salus app prioritises the protection of participant identity and privacy.
Only the participant themselves and their associated service provider involved in the pilot will know the participant's identity.
The app does not require identifiable data for usage.
Anonymised data collection is strictly limited to what is essential for its functioning and project evaluation.

Accurate CSAM Detection & Blocking

Developed by SafeToNet in collaboration with the IWF using a highly accurate machine learning system.
Real-time detection and blocking of CSAM-related image and video data.
If content is detected, the app delivers a 'block' screen within the participant's browser.
In case of any false positives, participants have the option to report via a dedicated 'Report False Positive' button.

Optional Functionality

Full control over functionality, empowering participants with features to personalise their app experience.
Optional detection and blocking of pornography.
Feedback options for continuous app improvement.

Participant in Control

The Protech project values voluntary participation and respects participants' right to make informed decisions during the pilot.
The Salus app is designed to ensure participants have complete autonomy.
A clear onboarding process, providing transparency about app functioning and data protection.
Participants can remove the app anytime; a clear withdrawal process ensures they are aware of how to do so if they choose.
Pilot environment

Empowering Safer Online Experiences

Deployment across Europe in a pilot environment

Up to four agencies involved in the project.
Four diverse community therapeutic settings.

A comprehensive initiative

The pilot will engage more than 50 professionals.
180 at-risk individuals involved.
Over an 11-month period.

Final evaluation insights

The effectiveness, process and outcomes will be thoroughly evaluated.
Drawing valuable insights post-pilot.
Supporting the future development of preventative software solutions
Jack Pursey, Product Manager and Co-Founder at SafeToNet

                "Salus is a truly unique solution designed to prevent the consumption of online child sexual abuse imagery in real-time. Through a seamless blend of cutting-edge AI and traditional techniques, Salus diligently monitors text, image and videos across the internet to detect and prevent the spread of child sexual abuse, instantly blocking any identified content before it reaches the user’s view.  

This groundbreaking solution owes its success to a fruitful collaboration with the IWF, where it has been meticulously trained on an extensive database of child sexual abuse imagery, provided in a carefully restricted and controlled environment. This synergistic partnership has culminated in the development of a market-leading approach in combatting criminal child sexual abuse online.

Jack Pursey
Product Manager and Co-Founder at SafeToNet